DE|RIVE Hair Restoration in Portland, OR

DE|RIVE Hair Restoration therapy, available at Soleil Medical Spa in Portland, OR, stands out as a groundbreaking and efficient remedy for hair thinning. This method harnesses the power of botanical secretory elements and unique bio-derived techniques to enhance the condition of hair and scalp. It revitalizes hair roots, boosts growth, and ensures denser, more vibrant hair.
DE/RIVE Hair Restoration addresses hair thinning in the crown, sides, and frontal hair regions.

About DE/RIVE Treatments:

This therapy is ideal for both males and females facing hair thinning and desiring a denser, more voluminous mane. Visible outcomes are usually noticeable a few months after initiating the therapy, and the benefits can persist for multiple years. To schedule a session for DE|RIVE Hair Restoration and embark on your path to denser, more robust hair, reach out to Soleil Medical Spa today.

Benefits of DE|RIVE Hair Restoration include:


An ideal individual for DE|RIVE Hair Restoration is someone facing hair thinning and aiming for a denser, more voluminous mane.

Outcomes from DE|RIVE Hair Restoration are usually noticeable a few months post initiation of the therapy.

The benefits of DE|RIVE Hair Restoration can endure for multiple years, contingent on personal aspects and upkeep.

DE|RIVE Hair Restoration is a non-surgical method with limited recovery time. Post-treatment, a few might notice slight unease or a bit of redness.

Prior to the DE|RIVE Hair Restoration session, it’s advised to minimize sun contact and steer clear of strong hair solutions. Post-therapy, adhering to the aftercare guidelines given by the specialist is crucial.

In the session, a specialist will meticulously administer the DE|RIVE mixture to the designated scalp zones. The process is typically painless and easily endured.

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