Agnes RF Prescription Microneedling
In Portland, OR

Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa in Portland, OR, offers innovative non-surgical aesthetic solutions with the latest technology to enhance your confidence and promote a youthful appearance. Our services center around the dynamic precision of AGNES RF technology, providing in-office rejuvenation treatments without the necessity for surgical procedures.
AGNES RF, developed originally by Dr. Ahn for acne treatment, has now become a versatile tool used globally by physicians. Beyond acne, this precision microneedling device is also used for a plethora of conditions, such as lower eyelid rejuvenation, submental reduction, jawline sculpting, and earlobe repair. The device uniquely leverages radiofrequency to sculpt the face, stimulate collagen and elastin production, offering unparalleled, long-lasting results.
Ready for a refreshing and youthful transformation without the need for surgery? Experience the innovative power of AGNES RF at Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa today! Call us at 503-244-7717 or visit our website to book your consultation. Your journey towards radiance and confidence starts here!

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Benefits of AGNES RF at Soleil Medical Spa:


AGNES RF is a microneedling device originally developed for acne treatment, now used for various aesthetic conditions, providing long-lasting and immediate results.
There is minimal discomfort, with patients often feeling a light, warm pressure. Redness or hot flashes may occur but will dissipate shortly after treatment.
Improvement is typically noticeable after one treatment. However, one to three treatments may be needed to achieve optimum results.
Recovery time is minimal, allowing patients to resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.
Unlike other temporary acne treatments, AGNES RF destroys the sebaceous glands where acne germs reside, preventing reoccurrence.
While generally safe, any significant heat application increases the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or other adverse events.
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