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At Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa in Portland, OR, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance your well-being, starting with Vitamin B12 injections. Known for its vital role in alleviating fatigue, bolstering memory, reducing stress levels, and promoting cardiovascular health, B12 plays a crucial part in maintaining balanced body weight. Furthermore, it facilitates the conversion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into energy and is indispensable for maintaining the health of your skin and eyes. Weekly B12 injections are available at our spa.
MIC lipo injections are a revolutionary approach to facilitate fat reduction in the body. Utilizing the fat-dissolving properties of substances such as choline and methionine, these injections can be taken up to twice a week. When paired with Vitamin B12, the synergy amplifies metabolic activities and energy levels. Coupling these injections with a reduced-calorie diet and a regular exercise routine could optimize your body’s fat-elimination process while elevating your energy levels.
Vitamin D3 injections are a vital component for sustaining overall health. D3 has been scientifically proven to reinforce bone health, mitigate the likelihood of fractures, alleviate back pain, and balance hormone levels. Furthermore, it can help to lighten the effects of certain depressive symptoms. Its remarkable anti-cancer properties not only strengthen the immune system but also reduce the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancer. At Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa, Vitamin D3 injections are available weekly or monthly, based on your unique needs.

***Consult your OB-GYN to ensure they approve of vitamin injections if
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The frequency can vary, but generally, we recommend weekly injections to maintain optimal levels of Vitamin B12.
The primary substances in MIC lipo injections are Methionine, Inositol, and Choline, known for their fat-dissolving properties.

While MIC lipo injections aid in fat reduction, they are most effective when combined with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise.

Side effects of B12 injections are rare but may include mild diarrhea, itching, or swelling at the injection site. If you experience any adverse effects, consult a healthcare provider immediately.

Depending on your Vitamin D3 levels and our recommendation at Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa, you may get injections weekly to monthly.

Yes, a prescription from Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa is typically required for these injections, as they need to be administered under medical supervision.
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