Secret RF Radio Frequency Fractional Microneedling
In Portland, OR

Embrace the future of skin rejuvenation at Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa in Portland, OR with the Secret RF Radio Frequency Micro-needling treatment. This revolutionary anti-aging tool ushers in a new era in skin revitalization, promising to breathe life back into your skin. This is a truly transformational skincare solution designed to address a variety of skin concerns by stimulating collagen production, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, and enhancing skin texture. 
At Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa, we’re thrilled to offer this cutting-edge treatment to our valued clientele. The Secret RF micro-needling procedure is fully customizable to your unique skincare needs and concerns. What’s more, it’s both safe and effective for all skin types, ensuring that everyone can take advantage of this incredible treatment option.
Ready for a skin transformation? Don’t wait! Call Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa today and schedule your Secret RF Micro-needling treatment. Let’s unveil your skin’s youthful potential together.

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Benefits of Secret RF Radio Frequency Micro-needling:


Secret RF Micro-needling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that utilizes (RF) radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production and treat a variety of skin concerns.

Secret RF Micro-needling is suitable for all skin types and beneficial for those seeking to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, minimize pores, or lessen scars and stretch marks. It’s an excellent choice for general skin revitalization and achieving a youthful look.

The treatment requires little to no downtime post-treatment.

Yes, this treatment is effective in reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks.

The recovery time after a Secret RF Micro-needling treatment is minimal. Most individuals can resume their regular activities almost immediately after the session. However, slight skin redness or sensitivity may be experienced for a short period post-treatment.

At Soleil Medical & Beauty Spa, we customize the Secret RF treatment based on a thorough consultation and understanding of each client’s unique skin concerns and needs.

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